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HonuaTech ("Honua") is an American industry leader in the design and manufacture of high-temperature, environmentally safe medical and bio-hazardous waste destruction and treatment systems. Honua provides viable alternatives to the conventional incineration of medical, bio-hazardous and other special wastes, including the ability to destroy chemotherapy and pathological wastes. At the heart of Honua's destruction, treatment and waste-to-energy co-generation systems, is Honua's proprietary Pyrolytic Destructor. The Pyrolytic Destructor completely destroys all organic matter in the medical waste stream, while releasing the energy stored in the waste stream to fuel both the pyrolysis process and to make steam that can be used to treat other components of the waste stream.

Pathological and Chemotherapy waste are the Achilles heel of most alternative technologies, but Honua’s system not only destroys these categories of waste, it uses the energy in the waste as process fuel. This lowers operating costs, emissions and dependence on external fuel sources.

What Is Pyrolysis?
Pyrolysis is the controlled breakdown of the waste's molecular structures by elevating its temperatures in the absence of oxygen.
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Corporate Info
Honua's members have collectively designed high heat medical waste treatment equipment and operated commercial medical waste treatment facilities in the medical waste treatment industry for over fifty years in the United States, Europe and Asia.
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